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Exciting news for cricket lovers who want to enjoy cricket on a large screen. We are updating our users about a new cricket game that is enjoyable just like the real game which you are watching on your screen. Cricket 19 lite is the perfect choice for those who are in love with cricket. The users can now select their team with the players according to their choice. This game is suitable and useful for cricket lovers. Now users can enjoy this game at home without wasting money.

Cricket 19 was designed after the 2019 cricket series, many players have been playing this game since 2019. With the passage of time this game became famous and successful because of its fabulous visuals. Lots of people are attracted to the graphics and gameplay of this game. People play this game on a daily basis to kill their free time.

Cricket 19 apk is one of the most well-deserved games of the 2019 era because this game made so many people happy with its realistic HD graphics. All types of people play this game whether they are children or men.

This game offers different in-game modes where you can select your favourite player, stadium, place, ball, bat, pitch, jersey, jersey number, and many more. This game enables a player to create a team with the best players around the world.

You can play different game options like IPL, IPL India, World Cup, Asia Cup, and, many more in this amazing game. You can get this application only on for zero cost.

What is Cricket 19 lite Apk?

Cricket 19 lite is the game we are asking for that will help you to enjoy and kill your time. This game has an AI combination which makes this game much more attractive and easy just seems like a real one.  This game enables the users to select the uniform, player faces similar to the real one, change the shirt colour and even ground according to their choice. User can select overs according to their choice. Just like a real game toss also takes place where the captain according to the user’s choice and the other captain selected by the computer come to the ground user can decide on batting and bowling after the winning toss.

Users can select the team according to their desires and also select which player can be chosen as an opener, middle order or as a bowler this game will tell the characteristics of the batsman and bowler according to their performance. Users can also select the World Cup option or multiple team series in this game. The record of the match will be displayed on the screen and saved for future viewing. User can also record their game moments to upload on social media platforms. This game will allow users to review and redisplay the option of any action whenever user want.

Cricket 19 lite provides a simple and secure interface for its users so they can navigate it easily and play it without any risk. Users of this amazing game are in love with its unique interface and features. Many new users have different problems when they start a new game but this game is very simple so every player who downloads it the first time feels easy and safe to play.

Features of Cricket 19 lite game download for PC

Many features of this game are difficult to mention one by one some important and amazing futures that every user wants are as follows.

Choose the ground:

This game allows the user to select the ground according to their choice user can select the layout of pitches and ground according to their desires.

Selecting player option:

Users can now select the player either bowler, batsman or wicket keeper according to their desires the user can change edit and modify the name of the player as well. Users can also select their skin colour and Jersey colour whenever they want.

Selecting the game type option:

Users can now select multiple game options via this Cricket 19 lite apk some options are T20, one-day and test cricket. Users can also select the tri-series among different teams whenever the user wants.

No signup required:

To utilize Cricket 19 lite does not require any signup or this game will never ask the user to enter bank details or email account.

Free to use and install:

Users can download this amazing game without spending any amount.  This game is totally free. Users can access all the features of this game freely.

Having fun:

This game is fun to play. Users can enjoy listening to the commentary and the tasks performed by players during the game.

High Quality Graphics:

Cricket 19 lite entertains the users with its high quality and 3D graphics that are amazing just like in HD in the real show. The user will be entertained after using this game.

Providing assistant:

This game will allow the user to use the facility of an assistant whenever a user needs it. This assistant will guide the user wisely whenever the user needs some help.

Specifications required for this game

This game does not require any higher specifications of the personal computer, This game does not require a specific laptop

Users can install and use it on any operating system having 2GB RAM, 2.50 microprocessor and 16GB free hard disk space. Users can use this game on the above-mentioned specifications and higher specifications easily.

How to download Cricket 19 lite apk?

Users can now directly download an exe file of this game by clicking directly on download option, after clicking on download option an exe file will start to download once the downloading is completed user can simply click on open that exe file and install it by accepting the terms and privacies. Users must agree with the terms and conditions of this game to play this game easily. Once the installation is finished user can open it from the shortcut icon or by searching it from the start menu.

Cricket 19 lite

Frequently asked questions:

Some common frequently asked questions regarding this game are as follows

Is this game safe to use?

If you are worrying about the safety of this game, I am honestly telling you that this game is safe to install and use. This game will never demand any third-party access or harm others.

Is this game free?

Yes, absolutely this game is free. Not even a single feature is in purchase users can enjoy this amazing game freely by spending a single amount.

Is this game ads-free?

Yes, this game is ad-free. This game will never worry its users by displaying or restricting the users to view the ads.


Cricket lovers must enjoy the game by installing Cricket 19 lite Game Download for PC and mobile. This game will make their lives full of fun and fulfil the limitations that they are facing in real cricket. Users can enjoy real-life cricket features just by downloading and playing this game. This game will fulfil the needs of a user regarding cricket.

Cricket 19 lite will help the user just like he is watching a real game show sitting in front of the screen. There will be a crowd who will chant in the favor of the team and players which makes this game more attractive and amazing. I am suggesting that Cricket 19 lovers install this game to make their cricket enjoyable and memorable.