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eFootball 2024 is an amazing online football game around the world. The latest version of eFootball 2024 developed by Konami, introduces significant changes in the world of digital football online games. this is a simple and free-to-play online game for all users, this platform provides the maximum opportunities for players to play eFootball 2024 with their friends around the world.eFootball 2024 has one notable change the new version has added national and club teams from S America the J.L and regional competitions.

What is eFootball 2024 APK

eFootball 2024 is an online game that facilitates young age people. Billions of people around the world like to play with good gestures. Many people like this particular game and don’t want to miss every single match. There are many online soccer games which is related to this game like FTS 2024, DLS 2024 and FIFA 2024, but most people are like to play eFootball 2024 also recommends this game for the soccer players who want to play online soccer games.

eFootball 2024 APK New Features

  • Co-Operative Event Room

Co-Operative Event Room is one of the best platforms for beginners. The co-op has allowed for players to entertain or enjoy themselves alongside their friends. The Player will create a three-person team to enjoy co-operative mode.

  • My League

This mode is introduced as a new mode in my league football game. the player will play the game against the AI one season at a time using their team.

  • Login Mini Games 2024

Mini-Game is the new feature of eFooball 2024 it is beneficial for new players. Players want to play and challenge themselves in mini-games and winning the games that help to improve their team storm and add new players in their team. The players are regularly complete the tasks of these mini-games and get rewards.

  • New Skill type – Blitz Curles

This feature of eFootball 2024 introduced some new skills types of players like ball control and new rotational shots, which are the power skills of players.

What is your Dream team | Full Squad

eFootball 2024 players can arrange their dream team as own their wishes to choosing your favourite players, coaches, and managers in their dream team. journey of your dream team starts with powerful or skillful players in your final squad. However, you identify the ability of players and also check the strength of players.

  • Check the ability of the players.

you can easily check the information on the given profile of the available player where the data are found, Players are registered through their proper bio data. Every user can find the data of all registered players. Skills, stamina, physical fitness, and previous records.

  • Assigned a Contract to Players: After creating your dream team. Players can easily sign a contract with legendary players and managers for a long period or a short period, it depending on whether users choose and provide the licenses for your dream team players. players are available on a contract basis like a contract for a single match or a contract for a league, tournaments, seasons, etc
  • Recommended special players. in eFootball 2024 Special players are those players who are the current superstars in the world real football players and also football legends are assigned as special players.


Why we are losing matches due to Disconnections? Can you resolve this issue?

Yes, absolutely we can resolve this issue. you have to follow the given suggestion

i. Need a wi-fi connection while playing online eFootball 2024.

ii. Restart your internet wi-fi modern.

iii. Don’t play games while your internet connection is not secure or disturbed.

iv. Set near to your wi-fi while playing online games

v. Close all the other apps when you are playing games.

Can I Report Wrong Activities?

Yes, you can report the wrong activities through the REPORT option.

How We Can Freely Download eFootball 2024 APK?

It is very simple to download the game. You can freely download this game from our site. Click the above-mentioned download button and get this application on your mobile. you can get the apk file in your default folder. its also depend on your mobile free space and need a good internet connection.

How to install this application?

After completing the downloading, you get an APK file. This game needed a maximum storage space in your device.

How to Play the game?

After completing the installation process properly the short of eFootball 2024 is automatically shown on your mobile screen.Then you can play the game on your mobile and enjoy the game.


eFootball 2024 is a wonderful online soccer game for all the users who want to play this game online with their friends through out in the world. This game is more popular as compared to FIFA 2024 or DLS 2024, because this version provides 3D Graphics, Animation, A sound system, a colorful stadium, full of crowd and live commentary these features are much exciting for the users, therefore this game is more popular in the world.