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FTS 2024 is an Android game developed by “ZOWII” The latest version of this application is much more comfortable than the oldest version FTS 2023. This new version is available here in the below link or downloads button. FTS 2024, introduced some good features in the old version and now this game is more popular in the world of mobile online gaming because of its new features which are available for everyone who want to play the game.

What is FTS 2024?

FTS 2024 “First Touch Soccer 2024” is simply a soccer game but now a days FTS 2024 is the world famous and high rating mobile soccer game because of the upgradation of new version FTS 2024, which offers to install this application on the mobile device. Player can easily play this game from mobile device , this is a comfort zone for player as compare to pc .

Basic Tips of FTS 2024:

  • The basic tips, how to play this game or how to control the game.
  • It is all about your daily practices
  • Stay strong on your both toes
  • After control the ball and check the direction of the ball
  • Improve your game skills by daily basis exercise or practice.
  • Think carefully about what might happen
  • Stay behind the ball

Right direction of the pass is very important for the player where the player can pass the ball in the right direction. Understand the situation of the game in the right time if your game is in wining position you have to defend your game, if your game is in losing position you have to play attack game. Play the ball into the open area or space where you can easily control the ball and set the right direction of the ball.

Initial Rules How to play the game:

FTS 2024, First touch soccer game is very simple  to play for new or old players, some basic training or demos are already implemented in the latest version “FTS 2024”. How to win the match? Basic responsibilities and  strategies to achieve the goals and win the game for your team  that the players  can control their team them selves in the field, through passing the ball ,get behind the ball, set your right position on the field try to shooting the ball in to the goal and get score for your team which is the wining  point of the match.

FTS 2024 Features:

FTS 2024 has introduced different feature are available for the player to entertained the game. It depend on the player where the player choose a quick game or a league game or tournament where different teams are registered

Following Mode are available

  1. Career Mode
  2. Quick Mode
  3. Single player
  4. Multiple players
  5. Training

Career Mode

You can lead your team as captain to win different tournament, build you’re your team strong as compare to the other teams, adjust a skill full player in your team. You will create a positive game plane for your team and apply the game plan on the field your team will win the tournament.

Quick Mode

Quick Mode is one of the best features of the latest version FTS 2024. This is the shortest game mode for a single player. where the player can play a single game in a short time .

Single player Mode

This mode is use for a single player, but you can play a tournament as a single. Only single player plays this game on this single player mode.


FTS 2024 basic training is much needed for beginner’s. New users or players  don’t understand how to operate the game therefor this basic training  is very useful to learn and how to operate the game on your device also guide about how to control the game e.g use of field, shooting, direction of passing, scoring etc.

First touch soccer 2024 the few new feature or mods of this application have ability to adopt the adequate advantage to play resume the game in the following ways.

  1. Creation of team.
  2. The Captain manages the role of a team manager. His duty is to manage all the team work.

Where captain select the whole team as he aspect the players who is fit and fine int the final eleven.

  1. Selection of suitable stadium is available for players, where the winning probability is in favor of your team or past winning records are posted in the selected stadium .
  2. Player can easily change the full uniform or jersey from the given option.
  3. Team captain able to changes the number of players according to the game strategies, which are positive to the team wining probabilities.
  4. The selection of players on the field according to the field adjustment on the stadium is also available on the given tool, where the players play the game in their suitable position.
  5. This app provides all types of kits for player. where they can easily choose their uniform from the given selected options

FTS 2024 Graphic Animation:

FTS 2024 have unlimited new themes are available Graphic , sound and animation used in FTS 2024 is also have a create a real world environment on your mobile. Player who are playing this game feels like real world environment during playing, players are not feeling bore due to its high level animation and quality of sound used in this application.


  • Go the below link or go to your  device app store
  • Click or press the download button and wait to downloading the application
  • When the app is downloaded then press the install button and wait for the game to install on your mobile,
  • Open the game on the your device and play the game


FTS 2024 is a very simple and friendly user interface game for everyone there is no term of policy for age limit there for everyone are interested  to play this game  with its difficult and easy modes. That why this app is vey famous all around the world, this is best option for peoples ,they can play this game in there spare time at home either young people or child. This game create you real environment on your mobile where players feels the game like they are play on the real ground, because of the new feature of the updated version.